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I recently got a warning that a horribly outdated version of PHP will be decommissioned by my Webhoster. Good to know, but what happens with my page? Dono! I'm not a PHP expert actually.

Well I thought I can easily upgrade my website to the recent Kirby version and give it a try with PHP 7. It looked like it is working. But today it turned out, it doesn't. So I'm left unsatisfied again. Did I mention that I'm actually not a PHP expert? Now, what I will do is the only thing left. Embrace change and go for the last resort, plain vanilla HTML. No fancy stuff, except the styles maybe ;-). Probably some Jekyll. Let's expect the worst and hope for the best :D.
Cheers Benni


I proudly announce the relaunch of my website! Powered by kirby and baseblog as basis, extended with custom styles and refactored and adopted php snippets! I think I will fork baseblog after my holidays to contribute my gallery extension Im currently working on. So be patient with the Photography section. It is work in progress.

Advantages over joomla after two weeks of use:

  • Much easier setup and maintenance
  • Easy to understand and extend
  • Powerful and fast
  • content creation in simple text files in Markdown syntax
  • No need for bloated databases
  • Small css and javascript footprint

Not yet convinced? Give it a try!

Have fun!