Hi all,
over three years elapsed since my last real post. I live near Munich today, got married, left my comfortable scientific environment and entered the world of Java Technologies at comSysto. Sounds boring? Nope, it isn't at all! Today, I think I have learnt enough in the last years to start writing something about it. I even feel to be able to tell stuff, no one told before. Okay, maybe just a feeling, because everything was already told and written out there. But the feeling counts.

The first I need, is some reputation... ;)

profile for Ben Steinert at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

But that doesn't mean that I'm no longer interested in Computer Graphics. Recently, Jo Hanika et al published a new paper on rendering images with realistic lenses. Maybe I should also give my C skills a chance and migrate Chroma to C++11, or continue on my Java8 raytracer? Hm, I will tell you soon ;).
So long!


The Pacific Graphics Conference this year invited me to present the work and results of my thesis in a conference poster. I submitted a publication to the conference before, but it was not accepted.
Download Pacific Graphics Poster
At this point, special thanks to Paul van Walree for contributing his beautiful images to my presentation. Spend some time on the exciting topic of photographic optics on his website!